There’s nothing like the cool & colorful days of Fall! October sets the pace. We have new opportunities everyday to achieve wellness and win the race!

In this issue, we will cover some great suggestions for respiratory & lung support to help with some of the seasonal changes that may challenge us. Look for more helpful wellness tips and DIY kids Halloween & family fun recipes. You will find Fall must haves in product spotlight & a beauty corner treat. Sneak peek at holiday gift giving guide & upcoming classes.


Seasonal changes and lots of germs are in the air!  This is the time to get our respiratory & immune systems strong and prepared. Remember the key to wellness is consistency! Enjoy trying some of these easy peasy recipes so you can breathe easy & feel better this Fall.



When it comes to taking care of our bodies naturally, YL has a great line up! This Fall, let’s give our respiratory & immune systems the best support we can! Start your day with at least 1 oz of Ningxia red, 2 oz if feeling under the weather.

  • Take a daily Immupro chewable; packed with immune-supporting Ningxia wolfberry polysaccharides with a unique blend of reishi, maitake, and agaricus blazei mushroom powders, to deliver powerful antioxidant activity to help reduce the damaging effects of oxidative stress from free radicals. It also has other chelated minerals, which emerging science suggests are more easily absorbed by the body. It also delivers melatonin which encourages restful sleep by promoting the body’s natural sleep rhythm.
  • Try diffusing Dorado Azul which offers respiratory and hormonal support. Or RC essential Oil for help with cough, congestion and overall lung support.
  • Carry around a Breathe Again roller specially formulated to support your respiratory health. Breathe Again contains four powerful eucalyptus oils that are sure to assist you with clearer breathing on the go.
  • Take daily a Super C chewable or Super C tablets ; it’s the most complete, biologically utilizable vitamin C supplement available for powerful immune support.
  1. Use Thieves® Fruit & Veggie Soak to clean fruit.
  2. Gather 16 equally sized wooden kebab sticks. Break them into 4-inch sections.
  3. Skewer grapes on eight of the sticks so that the grapes touch, leaving one grape covering one end as a connector, but leaving the other end bare to poke into the plum.
  4. Repeat on the other eight sticks, inserting the exposed ends into the joints of the previous set of grape sticks at an angle.
  5. Once connected, poke legs into the plum, with four legs on each side.
  6. Gather two googly eyes and attach them to front of plum with your choice of nut butter.


Calling kids of all ages!! This autumn spice popcorn is sure to please your palate! You will be adding amazing flavor and health benefits too, using Young Living Vitality line of essential oils. Cinnamon bark vitality, Orange vitality and Clove vitality, are all Fall-fabulous tasting!

Product Spotlight

  • The power of Thieves® and menthol in a cough drop! Young Living’s Thieves® Cough Drops provide natural relief to help soothe sore throats, relieve coughs, and cool nasal passages. These tasty cough drops are easy to take anywhere you may need relief. Keep some in your purse, laptop bag, or next to your bed at night so they’re always on hand.
  • Keep the power of Thieves oil blend with you—even on the go! Unlike many other lozenges, Thieves Hard Lozenges use pure essential oils and natural ingredients instead of sugar or artificial flavoring. Contains no dyes and no preservatives and will refresh your mouth and breath and provide soothing relief for your throat. These lozenges get an extra flavor boost from Peppermint and Lemon essential oils.

Beauty Corner

For a Fall radiant glow…..

whisk all ingredients together. Store in 4 oz glass jar. Spread a small amount on face & neck. wait 10 minutes and wash off.

  • 4 tbsp pumpkin puree
  • 4 tbsp raw honey
  • 8 drops Copaiba
  • 4 drops Orange


Mark your calendars for these upcoming online classes. Look for starting times coming this month! We have many other online classes available and there is something for everyone!

Make sure to join Lilo Classroom to get your Lilo learn on and
check with your enroller for any events happening near you or in your community.

European Holiday Gift Guide

Sooo many NEW products were just released at Young Livings European Convention this past September.
Lots of great GIFT ideas for this season!!